Benefits of Mediation

Low Cost
Mediation will cost less for all parties,  not only monetarily, but also emotionally and in relationship preservation.
High Success Rate
Mediation has an average of 83-90% success rate.
Participants have greater control over the outcome of mediation vs. having a judge or jury decide the outcome.
Parties agree reaching a resolution themselves is in their best interests. However, at any time a party may choose to withdraw from the process 
Resolution timing
Mediation can happen within days of being scheduled, reducing the length of time to reach resolution.  
Confidentiality is required by all participants in mediation.  The State of California has stipulated evidence codes (section 1115-1128) and applied ethical standards which are followed by Trust ME. 
Binding agreement                      
When parties reach a mutual agreement, signed and executed mediation agreements are legally binding agreements .