"Even with the best written trust and a 'close-knit' family, expect conflict and disagreement and plan accordingly.  If in the end your expectation of conflict goes un-warranted,  count yourself as one of the few lucky ones"

Living Trusts, Trusts, Wills, Probate

and related family issues

It is true, most trusts spell out the wishes of the Trustee(s) and give direction for the dissolution / distribution of assets, giving legal authority to an appointed person or persons to carry out those wishes. 

Even the most comprehensive estate planning cannot predict or address potential emotional issues or conflict that may arise from an estate plan. 

Estate planning can provide very specific distribution plans for specific assets or personal items, however sometimes even well thought-out plans can cause disputes that can forever change the relationship of the beneficiaries.  

If disagreement has already become a part of the (creation) or the settlement of a wealth transfer plan, choosing to settle disputes through mediation can be far less stressful, time-consuming and costly than the alternatives.