Due to current health advisories, all mediations will be done remotely through video conferencing.
All rules of confidentiality are still maintained. 
Online Mediation  - $75 per person / hr

Mediation conducted entirely through online video conferencing with all parties

non-litigated case
Mediation - $160/hr

based on 2 participants and 1 conference room in total

litigated case  (have legal representation)
Mediation - $160/hr  
Per mediating party.  A litigating party consists of 1 legal representative and 1 party to the dispute

rates may vary based on: 

  • complexity of the dispute

  • the number of parties included

  • the location where the of the mediation will take place


Location of Mediation / Neutral Party service

We utilize independent meeting space located throughout California.  

Most mediation and neutral party services will be scheduled at a location within 10 miles of requested location.

Meetings requiring additional space will be charged at rental rate.