loss of a loved One
Estate Organizing

The loss of a loved one, whether expected or sudden, may leave loved ones in a state of disabling grief.


Tasks requiring immediate attention may be impossible for the grieving, leaving them at loss for what to do next..

Why estate organizing services ?

  • Eases burden for grieving loved ones

  • respect for decedents possessions

  • quickens settlement process

  • neutral party for distribution


conduct full inventory of home, assets, personal items (written and/or digital image catalog)

provide valuations 

provided for probate processing

executor and/or estate attorney

assist family with connecting with estate attorney (help find one if necessary)  

connect with beneficiaries or work with estate attorney to verify

implement decedents wishes according to will (carry out related tasks)

dissolution/ distribution wishes


establish timeline - project plans - expectations 

establish written plan for organizing estate and personal items

planning for property during closure/settlement (paying bills, property upkeep, forwarding mail etc). 

progress reports

keep executor, family or attorney updated on progress of asset management


collection of important documents:

permission letters or limited POA if needed for financial closure, deeds, account information, vehicle registrations, keys, antiques, valuables, electronics, receipts, invoices, jewelry, artwork, heirlooms 


estate sales



storage planning

distribution plan for items not specifically mentioned in estate plan 

management of family 'auction' of items not specifically mentioned,     


real estate sales  - large asset sales (vehicles) 

secure real estate professional

home/real estate appraisal

arrange repairs - prepare to be sold  

home clean out

Trust ME: Mediation & Estate Organizers is a member of National Association of Productivity & Organizing professionals and Professional Fiduciary Association of California. When creating a personalized approach to serving our clients,  we may connect to specialists in these organizations based on certain individual needs of our client.