Kelly Morford

B.S, M.A

Founder, Trust ME: Mediation

& Estate Organizers, LLC

Mediator & Professional Estate Organizer

Background and Education​

  • Bachelors Degree in Education

  • 24 years, managed western US for healthcare service & contracts 

  • I was inspired to become a mediator when I saw first hand what conflict around trusts, business & money can do to destroy long term relationships

  • I became a professional estate organizer specializing in 'Life Transitions' to provide a non-biased approach to asset division & management

  • Masters Degree in Behavioral Science: Negotiations and Conflict Management

  • I really do believe that most conflict can be avoided or resolved ("simply") by adding a qualified, un-related guide.  It is far easier for people to reach agreement when an un-biased, neutral party helps sort out and re-phrase issues of contention

  • I have been actively involved with many senior organizations, a speaker on 'Organizing Assets to Avoid Conflict' and 'Can Mediation Really Work'. I am currently working with a Los Angeles, non-profit organization teaching 'Peer Mediation Skills' to high school students. 

BCP-21 2 copy 2.jpeg
  • board member of the Southern California Mediation Association (and a member too!)

  • member of the Association for Conflict Resolution

  • completed mediation training for both family law and litigated cases

  • associate member of the Professional Fiduciary Association of California

  • Professional Estate Organizer, specially trained in Life Transitions

I live in Santa Clarita with my very supportive husband, 3 teenagers and 2 dogs.  I love to travel and do yoga.